Life in Seattle




From the Space Needle to Pike Place Market, from the coldest season to the warmest of them all, Seattle is a stunning and


awesome city. This book explores this extraordinary city through the eyes of photographer Alla Eddine Janjary with his unique 


and artistic vision.


Alla Eddine chose this project because he felt that Seattle deserved a book that shows it’s unparalleled beauty and charm. 


Photographing Seattle was an opportunity for the artist to represent the city in a whole new way. 


The compilation of photographs for this book brings out contrasts and complements never noticed before in the city.


Life In Seattle through the eyes of photographer Alla Eddine Janjary, presents more than 184 stunning images showing the


various surroundings presiding within the city.


" His unique and artistic vision is yours to enjoy!".


life in seattle, photographer dean janjary
Dean Janjary Photo Book available on iTune - LIFE IN SEATTLE